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Basic Home Security Tips

by Kyle Davis 12/24/2017

home security cameraIt's a good thing if you feel safe in your neighborhood. It shows that you trust your neighbors and that you have faith in the safety of your family. However, many of us grow so comfortable that we overlook simple security measures that will only improve the safety of your property and your family. Each year in the U.S. there are millions of property crimes carried out. Burglary accounts for a large amount of these crimes. People often say that if a burglar wants to gain entry to your home they'll find a way and determine not to take security measures seriously. If you're of the "it couldn't happen to me" mentality, read no further. But if you want to learn some basic tools and practices that will keep you and your family safer, read on.

Be the burglar

Not literally. But pretend to be. Go through the exterior of your house and think like a burglar. Check your windows. Especially the low-hanging ones. Are all of your locks secured? Do you make it a point to lock them nightly?   Test your locks.  Not all locks are created equal. Doorknob locks are often easily picked or forced open. Deadbolts are harder. However, none of these things matter if the integrity of your door is compromised. French doors, for example, are particularly easy to force open. If you're worried about your locks, consult a locksmith that can help you choose better options. Look inside your home from the sidewalk. Are there valuables within view from the street? Do you have a tendency to leave your garage door open, exposing expensive items like lawnmowers, grills, or even motorcycles? Burglars don't just target homes. Don't end your search with the house. Many items are stolen from sheds, backyards, and even off of porches, which happened to me as a child when a bicycle was taken from our porch in the night.

Tighten up security

The number of small steps we can take to improve security and mitigate risk of burglary is boundless. Here are some security tips that should be on every checklist for home safety:
  • Use a security mailbox and don't leave mail with personal information exposed in front of your home
  • Install a fireproof safe in your home. Hope for the best but plan for the worst. Keep your important documents in the safe, and better yet, keep them backed up in a secure file on the cloud like Google Drive or Dropbox.
  • Use motion light detectors. When calibrated correctly they won't go off for every car or cat that happens by and they're a great theft deterrent.
  • Tell your neighbors if you're going out of town, and have someone take in your mail/newspapers for you. Keep a kitchen light on and a car parked in the driveway if possible.
  • Don't leave spare keys under the rug or anywhere obvious. Also, keep tabs on all of the keys to your home. Know who has a copy and check up on the spare keys on occasion.

About the Author

Kyle Davis


Growing up in Ohio, Kyle carried his Midwestern values of honesty and uncompromising integrity, coupled with his love of helping and understanding of people into Northern Virginia. Kyle has called NOVA home since 1986 and Loudoun County-Ashburn, Virginia since 1994 and has successfully worked in the sales and marketing field for more than 25 years. 

Kyle's business model is very different than others as he brings with him, his secondary passion, Interior Design. He is the pro at transforming a Sellers home into a Model Home ready for a quick sale. Some call it staging, but he adds editing into the equation. Understanding what current Buyers want and expect in their new home, through his staging and editing, he delivers! Many Sellers comment after he has worked his magic “Our home looks so incredible, maybe we should stay”. The biggest secret in selling, which makes a huge difference is “the minute your home hits the market, it is no longer your home, but a product”. Making sure your home is the best product out there at the right price gets it SOLD! 

When you hire Kyle to purchase your next home, you will benefit from his market knowledge, honesty, negotiation techniques, and incredible listening skills. Kyle offers his complimentary Design service to all Buyers, whether building new or purchasing an existing home. 

While he shares his opinion and agrees that time is precious and limited, he doesn’t waste time through “sugar coating” comments or skirting issues. His clients appreciate and respect his direct way of honestly communicating. 

Kyle’s keen understanding of his clients’ Real Estate needs has earned him an exceptionally loyal following. “Building life-long relationships is extremely important to me.” Many of his clients have bought and/or sold seven or more homes since 2000 using his professional services. That makes earning referrals from them even sweeter. He understands working for his clients, communicating constantly, accomplishing goals, and being totally honest while caring what his clients want, empowers them to send referrals - "REFERRALS ARE THE GREATEST COMPLIMENT I COULD EVER EARN!”

With over $160,000,000 in Residential Real Estate sold, Kyle Davis achieved the distinction of “Lifetime Top Producer” in 2005 and was awarded “Rookie of the Year” in his first full year of business. In addition, he is also recognized by REMAX International as a member of RE/MAX top 100 Agents.

Over the years, Kyle has designed many beautiful properties for his clients, both interiors and exteriors.

To learn more about Kyle Davis, your Realtor, by Design!” please visit his website at www.KyleDavisSells.com.